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  • Structural engineers often specialize areas, such as engineering of bridges, buildings, pipelines, industrial structures, or special mechanical structures such as vehicles, ships, or aircraft. Structural engineers perform one of the most important roles in the construction industry. Without their skills and technical knowledge, the structure we built will not be able to withstand weight, pressure, and seismic activity. Structural Engineers also play a role in designing machinery where structural integration of the item is a matter of safety e.g. aircraft, spacecraft. Structural engineers can find employment in a wide variety of venues, particularly firms specializing in architectural, engineering, construction, and related services, as well as state and local governments. Many structural engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions. Another option is to work as a self-employed contract engineer or as consultants. Yet others who do not like site work can opt for research or teaching positions in universities.
  • The Master of Technology in Structural Engineering with an annual intake of 18 was introduced as there is a huge demand of specialized Civil Engineers in India. The field is expected to grow further, considering the rising demand for advanced infrastructure creation. Civil Engineers have equal opportunities in both private and public sector. It is natural; the demand for specialized professionals will keep increasing every year. Hence, a candidate’s future is bright in this field.
  • The department has highly qualified staff and the department has well established laboratories with latest equipment. The alumni are well placed in leading organizations. The department also has a strong industry institute interaction cell which identifies the potential industries and design houses where the students are trained. The department also organizes regular interactive workshops and conferences to enrich the knowledge of graduate students. The students are encouraged to work on live projects to keep pace with the latest in design and execution methodologies.

Course matrix


2 years







International Admission International Admission undergraduate Admission Postgraduate Admission

Why M.Tech in Structural Engineering @ GAT ?

  • An autonomous Institute imparting 21st century skills through Quality global education at an affordable cost.
  • A dynamic curriculum with practice-based learning opportunities as per industry requirement.
  • Experienced and World class faculty with global connect, research and influence footprint.
  • A vibrant green and spacious campus with modern technology and perfect infrastructure that encourages students to explore their skill and talent.
  • Beyond classroom opportunities through co-curricular activities, sports, yoga, mindfulness and personal fitness.
  • Students can avail the opportunity to assist faculty on ongoing research and creative projects.

Career options

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