Aerodynamics Lab

Our state-of-the-art aerodynamics lab is equipped with advanced subsonic wind tunnel which can operate up to 70m/s and computational tools, allowing students to conduct cutting-edge research and analysis on airflow around aerospace structures, improving their understanding of flight dynamics and aircraft performance.

Aircraft Propulsion Lab

Our aircraft propulsion lab offers various aspects of aircraft propulsion experiment with modern equipment. These facilities and experiments in Lab provide students with hands-on experience and research opportunities, fostering a deep understanding of propulsion systems and preparing them for careers in aerospace engineering.

Aircraft Structure Lab

In our aircraft structure lab, students gain practical knowledge in designing, analysing, and testing aircraft structures using industry-standard techniques and equipment. This lab facilitates research and development of lightweight and durable structures for enhanced aerospace performance and safety.

Cessna 150L Aircraft

Our fleet includes the Cessna 150L ground running aircraft, providing students an opportunity to gain practical experience in flight operations, navigation, and aircraft systems, enhancing their understanding of real-world aviation challenges.

Mig-21 R-25 Engine

The Mig-21 R-25 engine, a part of our aircraft propulsion lab, enables students to study the design, performance, and maintenance aspects of this renowned engine. Through hands-on activities and analysis, students gain insights into jet engine technology and its applications in aerospace engineering.

High Speed Jet Facility

Our High-Speed Jet Facility is equipped with cutting edge equipment and instrumentation, allowing students to conduct research and experiments on high-speed jet flows, aerodynamics, and combustion processes. It provides valuable insights into the behaviour and performance of jet engines, enabling students to develop advanced propulsion technologies.

CAD/CAE Computational labs

Our CAD/CAE Computational labs are equipped with advanced software resources like, CATIA V5 3D Experience, ANSYS R21 and MATLAB providing students with the tools necessary for computer-aided design and engineering analysis. These labs enable students to develop their skills in virtual prototyping, simulation, and optimization, enhancing their ability to design and analyse complex aerospace systems efficiently and accurately.

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