Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is one of the fastest growing and in demand skill. It is a technology used by every field of science, medicine and business administration. Some of its applications are found in every corner of the world like Agriculture, healthcare, driverless cars, E-commerce etc and it’s a dream to reinvent the world and human lifestyle.

An AI career is future-proof because it is a component of so many cutting-edge and forward-thinking advancements. Companies look to harness such aspiring technologies and the skills in this area are most required.

Therefore, we at Global Academy of Technology offer you this exciting 4-year B.E program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a vibrant learning ecosystem where every student is professionally groomed to full-fill the needs of new era of AI & ML.



To provide progressive education and create transformative professionals and leaders to harness the power of technology and make a positive impact on the society.



Quality Education: To adopt a student centric curriculum delivery process with emphasis on problem solving and programming skills.

Innovation: To collaborate with industries and professional bodies and make the students industry ready. To drive innovation through multi-disciplinary research and development activities.

Skill Development & Ethics: To endorse additional skill development through student forums and experiential learning. Inculcate human values for a smarter and ethical world.

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