Women Empowerment Cell of our college is established to empower the girl students and women staff to get educated and understand issues related to women and to make the college campus a safe place for them.

In addition to discussing their issues and concerns, the cell creates awareness of rights and responsibilities including helping them in finding ways to tackle these issues. The cell regularly organizes Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, and various awareness programmes to empower women staff and students.


  • To enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of women students, faculty, and staff in the college.
  • To promote intellectual and cultural activities for overall personality development of girl students.
  • To develop critical thinking ability of women students such that it enhances decision- making ability.
  • To enable women to make informed choices in areas like education, gender equality, employment, and health especially reproductive health & hygienic.
  • To enhance their participation on an equal footing in all areas.

Complaint and Redressal Procedure

  • Complaints may be made to any member of the committee, or other senior members of the women cell, who will forward to the committee.
  • After knowing grievance, discuss it with the convener of women cell and then an appropriate solution is found out.
  • The committee will hear the case within 7 working days of a complaint and may set up an enquiry to handle the case.
  • The enquiry committee will hear both from the complainant and defendant, as well as any other relevant person.
  • The process shall be conducted to protect the well-being of the parties and confidentiality of the proceedings.
  • If not solved the committee will make recommendations to the Principal and Dean, who will take appropriate action.
  • Appropriate safeguards will be maintained for conflict of interest.

Campus Policy Against Sexual Harassment

  • The campus is committed to provide for all members of its community who fall within its jurisdiction including its, academic, non-academic staff, contractual employees and laborers, and students at the place of work an environment free from any form of Sexual Harassment or exploitation.
  • Academic staff includes Professors, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and such other persons as may be designated as such for imparting education/instructions or for giving guidance or rendering assistance to students/post-docs for pursuing any course of study, whether full time, temporary, part-time, visiting, honorary, consultancy, or on special duty or deputation.
  • All other academic staff of other institutions visiting the campus or participating in any workshop/ seminar/ training/ conference/consultancies is covered by these rules during the stay on campus.
  • Non - Academic Staff includes any person other than academic staff, such as administrative staff, technical staff, officers, consultants, support staff, contractual workers and daily wagers only to the extent that they are performing campus related activities.
  • Student includes a student of the campus, or others on campus such as visiting students, interns,and those visiting the campus as a part of collaborative or exchange program between institutes,students participating in workshops/conferences/seminars.
  • These Rules and Procedures shall be applicable to all complaints of sexual harassment provided the harassment has taken place at workplace.
Sl.No Name Department Role Contact
1 Dr. Ranapratap Reddy, Principal Administration Chairman -
2 Dr. K S Kavitha CS Convener -
3 Ms. P B Asha ME Member -
4 Dr. Savithri S Karanth CV Member -
5 Ms. Sharmila C IS Member -
6 Ms. Bharathi C EC Member -
7 Ms. Nagaratna K EE Member -
8 Ms.Arathi K S Chemistry Member -


  • Felicitating the women achiever in their respective field on Women’s day.
  • The cell creates awareness of rights and regulations of women.
  • The cell regularly organizes Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, and various awareness programmes to empower women staff and students.

Contact Information

#310, 1st floor, CSE staff room, Main Building.

080 28603158 Exnt- 301

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