Academic Achievements

  • SWATHI B K (1GA15EE042) has secured 10th Rank in VTU during 2019-2020
  • RAJANI V (1GA10EE032) has secured 9th Rank in VTU during 2014-2015

Co-curricular Achievements

  • PLC Based Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Rs 5000 for the academic year 2019-20
  • Best paper Award received by Ms. Suraksha and team of 7th semester. for presenting the paper in “National Conference on
  • Second prize received by Ms. Chaitra and team of 5th semester for paper presentation in “National Conference on Science, Engineering and Management (NCSEM)” May 2019 held at Oxford College of Engineering.

Institute Social Responsibility Activities

IEEE – PES Bangalore chapter – flagship event – “Educational activity – Awareness Program on Electricity and renewable energy” in two government schools on 27 July2019 hosted by department of EEE, GAT.

Solar Chargeable E - Rikshaw

An Electric Vehicle has number of advantages over IC engine vehicles. The main advantage is that an EV has nothing to do with rise in fuel price. Another important advantage is that EVs contribution to the environment pollution is much less. Our vehicle stands different from other EVs by the fact that it can be charged by solar energy. Hence the vehicle is completely using Green energy.

The vehicle specially designed to carry both passengers and also goods. This is achieved by foldable seat mechanism. The pay load capacity is around 800Kgs including the vehicle weight. The vehicle chassis was fabricated with the help of mechanical department at Global Academy of Technology. The body is fabricated using 1mm MS steel sheet. The vehicle is powered using a Brushless DC motor. Motor is coupled with differential connected across both the back tyres of the vehicle. The motor is powered using a Lithium-ion battery, which gives the range of 100km/charge. We can achieve a maximum speed of around 25-30km/hr. In absence of sunlight, battery can be charged by plug-in charger too. The vehicle is also given a modern touch by installing some smart features like Automatic headlights, Automatic Wipers, Reverse parking system, Digital instrument cluster, and Automatic braking.

There are 4 solar panels mounted at the top of the vehicle. All the 4 panels are connected in series. The MPPT controller optimizes the match between the solar array and the battery, hence the battery is charged efficiently. The safety of battery is also taken care by MPPT charge controller during charging.

The vehicle can be effectively used for many applications such as for delivery agents and can be used for farmers for various agricultural use. The vehicle turns out as a boon to the auto drivers which turns out to be cost-effective than regular autos.

The student team has participated in 6th National Level Techno-Exhibition which was held at “Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology”, Bangalore on 13th April 2022. Our team won 2nd prize in this competition and we received a cash prize of Rs 50,000/-

The students also participated in 8th National Level Technical Project Exhibition held at “Saintgits college of Engineering “, Kottayam , Kerala on 25th and 26thApril. The students of Saintgits college also admired the vehicle. The vehicle photos were published in Manorama Newspaper and Mathrubhumi Newspaper. Interview on our vehicle was taken by RJ Jeena on club FM 4.3.

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