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The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a field of study that is growing rapidly with advancements that plays an increasingly important role in making a positive contribution to the betterment of society and the human condition. Its sound foundation is the plinth on which new branches have emerged rapidly. We strive to be in the forefront in educating our students in fundamentals as well as emerging technologies. Our aim is to prepare students for the continually changing, high-technology world of electrical engineering, by providing solid theoretical foundation in science, mathematics, and engineering with substantial hands-on laboratory experience, and a curriculum that challenges students.

To achieve this vision, the department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories to enable hands-on learning. We have specialised labs like the SCADA Lab, R & D Centres and Project Labs where students will be encouraged to increase their depth in knowledge and obtain specialty in specific areas of interest.

We also possess extensive e-learning opportunities the provide students a flexible and seamless learning experience. We also have an efficient Research and Development Centre, Big Data Analytics Lab and an IoT lab in association with CDAC.



To be a foremost education program in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering to prepare the students to face global challenges and succeed in their careers.



Strengthen learning environment that facilitates quality education in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Enhance the Industry Institute interaction continuously to enable students work on real time engineering problems

Improve the quality of value-added programs to enhance the technical and intellectual capabilities of students ensuring their success in competitive examinations for higher studies, employment, and research

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