Since its inception in July 2018, TLC is dedicated to developing and/or enhance teaching –learning effectiveness for both BE and MBA Programs. Under the era of disruptive technologies and ever- growing digital distractions, today’s classrooms are truly challenging in terms of holding students’ concentration, developing students’ engagement while attempting to uncover the syllabus and develop professional skills in the learners.

Thus, it is pertinent to develop capacities in teachers to impart education in contemporary means and transform the student’s community for tomorrow’s needs. The centre has been casted under the leadership of dynamic Principal of GAT, Dr. N Ranapratap Reddy.

classroom communication techniques

Pedagogy for student centred teaching

Building EI

Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness

Active learning

Objectives of TLC


Undertake capacity - building in teaching fraternity to enhance teaching - learning process


Argument learning effectiveness in learners(students) of today's google era through student centered teaching methods


Assist assessment and standardization of (customized) T-L processes for OBE at the institution


Contribute towards institutional growth through fostering principles of emotional intellignece in teaching and associated learning communities of the institute

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