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Department of Civil Engineering has closely associated with many of the industries in the form of consultancy services works. The involvement of the students for various Traffic and Transportation studies (projects of DULT, BBMP), structural engineering projects (KRIDL projects), and geological & hydro-geological studies (Bureau veritas, Art of Living, Bangalore Environment Trust etc.) are worth mentioning.

Title of the Project Associated Agency
Flood Risk Assessment and
Resilience at Olympia Guindy
Bureau Veritas
Concurrent Impact Assessment RDPR,Govt. of Karnataka
Land Slide Studies at
Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
Remote Sensing and Geographic
Systems Inputs for PAR
and DARDU Hydroelectric Projects
Bangalore Hydro
Hydro-Geological Studies in the
IUWM Project Area, Doddaballapura
Swaraj (NGO)
RS-GIS Based Geohydrological Studies for
Evaluation of Impact on
Surface and Sub-Surface Water
Renuka Energy, Mumbai
Flood Studies at Balat, Meghalaya RoterInfycons
Action Plan for Sustainability of
Minor Irrigation Tanks
and Ground Water Regime
Minor Irrigation Department, Govt. of Karnataka
Action Plan for Sustenance of
Surface Water and Ground Water
in the Watersheds Influencing
Tunnel area of Upper Bhadra Project
KNNL, Govt. of Karnataka
Action Plan for Ground
Water Recharge
Comprehensive Water 
Management Plan
Comprehensive study of High-Density
Corridor, Mysore Road
Bengaluru Traffic Police
Preplanning studies of Bus
Priority Lane (BPL) project,
Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), Govt. of Karnataka
Performance assessment of
Tender SURE (Specifications for Urban
Road Execution) Roads in Bengaluru – Phase 2
BBMP, Govt. of Karnataka
Impact of pedestrianization at
Church Street, Bengaluru
BBMP, Govt. of Karnataka
Preplanning studies of PBS
in Bengaluru
Directorate of Urban Land
Transport (DULT), Govt. of Karnataka
Additional Traffic Study
(Traffic Signal Time Studies for
Signal Time Improvement
in Bengaluru) for the project for
Bengaluru Metropolitan Region
ITS in the Republic of India
TransTech in association
with Bengaluru Traffic Police & JICA
Walkability Study for the
Sanjaynagar main Road from Bellary
Junction to Railway Crossing at ORR
Directorate of Urban Land
Transport (DULT), Govt. of Karnataka
Performance assessment of
Tender SURE (Specifications for
Urban Road Execution) Roads in
Bengaluru – Phase 1 and 2
BBMP, Govt. of Karnataka
Parking and Opinion Survey
at MS. Building at Bengaluru for
Parking Improvement Project
Directorate of Urban Land
Transport (DULT), Govt. of Karnataka
StucturalStabilty of existing
Factory units of LUPIN a pharmaceutical
Industry at BHOPAL,Madgyapradesh
VM Designs Bangalore
Structural Stability of Water
Treatment plant at Periyanaickenpalyam
Bangalore Hydro Engineers and
Consultants Pvt Limited
Stability report of
Existing Urdu school, Bengaluru
Karnataka Rural Infrastructure
development limited [KRIDL]
Structural Stability of Existing
Panchayath Building at
HonnenahalliNelamangala Taluk
Karnataka Rural Infrastructure
development limited [KRIDL]
Structural Stability of Existing
G + 2 Structure of Institute of
Gastro entrology Science and
organ Transplant Building, Victoria
hospital Campus, Bangalore
Karnataka Rural Infrastructure
development limited [KRIDL]
Structural Stability of 1st floor
on the existing structure of
3-star hotel at Vijayapurs
Karnataka Rural Infrastructure
development limited [KRIDL]
Geotechnical Investigation for
the proposed retaining wall construction
at Chammannahalli, RamanagarDist
Karnataka Rural Infrastructure development limited [KRIDL]
Geotechnical Investigation for
the proposed construction of
stadium building in
Karnataka Rural Infrastructure development limited [KRIDL]
Consolidation properties of
soil samples collected from
Hesarghatta main road
Geo Guest Incorp
Cement mortar characteristics
with reference to – MSIL sand
, M Sand and natural sand.
UltraTech cement ltd.
Design of Reinforced
Concrete Sewage Treatment
Shastha Eco Solutions, Bengaluru

Prestigious Projects led by civil Faculty

Many of our faculty members plays multiple roles by proactively involving themselves with industreis,Govt. &private organizations. Many of such studies received appreciation and attention from various corners.

Water Management & Environment

GAT have connected with many officials from government bodies such as KSPCB, BWSSB, BDA, etc, along with many NGOs and Trusts which are working on a similar issue. To comprehensively look at the historical evolution of these issues and address them requires extensive study of past work and meetings with experts. We are assessing the water resources of Bangalore and started with Vrishabhavathi Valley and the Vaderahalli Catchment area. Over 104 lakes have been surveyed and 40+ lakes are being monitored for the water quality.

A geospatial approach for sustainable water resources management – A case study of Bengaluru (on-going project)

The focus of the project is to evaluate the quantity and quality of available water resources in Bangalore using geospatial technology. The project is funded under Respondscheme (39.71 Lakhs) by ISRO

Study Team : Dr. C V Srinivasa, Dr. Mayaja N A, Ms. Khushbu K Birawat & Ms. Teja S N

For more details : contact Dr. C V Srinivasa, HOD, Civil Department
Interaction with BDA Officials for Water Management Initiatives
Annual Presentation on Respond Funded Project at RRSC – South, NRSC, ISRO
Interaction Bangalore Environment Trust & National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bangalore
Site Visit followed by technical discussion with Bureau Veritas for the project “Flood Risk Mitigation and Resilience
Landslide studies at Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
Dhulai Buwal Flood studies In Meghalaya adjacent to Bangladesh border

Traffic and Transportation Studies

Civil department is keen to address most of the challenges faced by the urban transportation and often explores more on sustainable practices. Department is closely working with govt. stake holders (BBMP, DULT, Traffic Police etc.) and other NGO’s to contribute in various ways to improve the urban mobility.

Department is solely investigating the impact of Tender SURE project, an initiation of BBMP to prioritize pedestrian safety and mobility. Phase 1 impact studies have completed, and the report are submitted to BBMP Commissioner in 2017. Phase 2 studies are on-going.

Study Team : Reashma P S, Kiran L, Basavaraj M R & Anjali Gupta

For more details: contact Reashma P S, Asst. Professor, Civil department
Tender Sure Impact Study Report Submission to Sri. N Manjunatha Prasad, IAS, BBMP Commissioner (2017)
Scope of Pedestrianization at Church Street Study Report Submission to Sri. BH. Anil Kumar, BBMP Commissioner (2019)

Pedestrianisation is a local scale rapid transition that is happening globally, with potentially transformational consequences for how we live, work, play and breath in cities across the world. Most of the Indian cities are in a shift in urban planning, away from the dominance of cars, and towards pedestrianisation and more human scaled city development. Govt. of Karnataka has taken many initiations in this regard. Church Street, Banglore has been reshaped towards the pedestrian plaza model with the intention to make the street more pedestrian friendly. Department of civil engineering has assigned to perform the impact studies and scope of pedestrianization at Church Street by BBMP.

Civil department has assigned to perform Comprehensive Traffic Studies at High-Density Corridor by Bengaluru Traffic Police. Department has successfully completed the project and the study finding has been submitted.

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