Message From Trustee Secretary

Greetings to all!

Being part of the core Management Team of National Education Foundation for nearly two decades, I have seen the progress at GAT, Rajarajeshwarinagar from its inception and it fills my heart with pride to see where we are. With my engineering qualification background, I have been able to strategize the set-up of the majestic infrastructure for the college. Our aim is to provide the right ambience for overall personality development of the students.

Competition is prevalent in every field and is a way of life in today’s time. As a senior member of the management team, I strongly believe that we prepare our students not only to be globally competitive but to succeed in the chosen discipline. Having grown into a premier, highly sought-after engineering and management institution, GAT has created a significant niche among institutions delivering professional education that is sound, robust, and multi-faceted. Excellence and Quality are our watchwords, reflected in our highly conducive and serene learning ambience.

We also want to make faculty teaching and research, student projects relevant to the practical world. Our objective is to increase the understanding of the issues related to the development of technology and research and share the knowledge with institutions beyond the academic world. We want to embrace best global practices in establishing industrial tie ups, research, and innovation. Through our established R & D centers in every department, we would like to facilitate our research scholar interaction and collaboration between research groups and industry. This will enable whole new vista of opportunities to engage our students in cutting-edge multi-disciplinary project and research, further enhancing their career readiness.

I assure you that @GAT, students will be equipped with the most updated knowledge coupled with highest level of practical training. Our dedicated staff and dynamic management strive to transfer holistic knowledge and make students global citizens. We nurture individuals to leverage technology and continuously explore all means and methods for holistic development of our students.

I extend warm greetings to all the students into GAT, to come, learn, experience and ‘Grow Ahead of Time’. It is my privilege to be part of this triumphant journey where we continue to pave the way for all round development of the students

My Best Wishes to all

Sri. S. Lepaksha

Trustee Secretary,
National Education Foundation

Message From Additional Trustee Secretary

As a co-founder and part of the core Management Team of National Education Foundation for nearly two decades now, I take immense pride in the progress made by GAT which is run under the aegis of NEF. I have seen the development of the Institution from its nascent stage to the present status. Originally the place was a hilly terrain. We have contributed our time and energy in converting the terrain into lush green educational campus by planting more than 10000 plants and trees of different varieties. Our aim is to provide salubrious climate and serene atmosphere for holistic development of the students. The landscape provided by us has been greatly appreciated by all who visit our campus. We have also constructed great infrastructure and implemented an impeccable system of administration for the College.

I congratulate the students and their parents for having chosen GAT, which will provide a lifetime advantage in their chosen endeavours. I am proud to say that the student population of more than 3500 students, truly reflects the trust and confidence that the parents and students have bestowed on us

I welcome each student to this portal of learning, where excellence and peak performance is our dialect. Discovering unexplored talents and nurturing them effectively are the driving force of GAT. I am happy to state that the intricately intertwined teaching learning process and human resources has been the focus of education in GAT during its 18 years of existence. Encouraging our students to work on advanced technologies and make them as innovative, aspiring Engineers and Entrepreneurs rather than being mere engineering graduates is what the Management is striving to do, with the ardent help of our very talented faculty & other staff members of GAT.

Maintaining quality standards and ensuring that every graduating student is readily employable with holistic skill, clarity, and critical thinking in their chosen field of Engineering and Technology is our goal. I am glad to note that our students have been maintaining excellent standards of discipline and attention to their academic standards.

I encourage all the students to fully use the facilities and the serene ambience provided in this green campus to sharpen one’s professional and personal abilities. Let me jog your memory that: “Education is not about filling pail, but it is about kindling the fire dormant within you”. A step into the GAT is a right step into a brighter world of education and a knowledge hub.

The students graduated from GAT are placed in reputed industries successfully across the globe and they are our true ambassadors. I am really honoured and inspired to be a part of this successful journey where our efforts pave the way for all round development of the students during their stay at GAT.

With best wishes

Sri. Venkatappa

Additional Trustee Secretary,
National Education Foundation

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