Integrating Research in Learning Practices

Civil Engineering department is keen on understanding and investigating the present-day challenges and scenarios to identify facts that will envisage solving the problem or managing the present situation. The best research is happening at its boundaries on various disciplines such as water, air, various environmental aspects, geology and coastal studies, pedestrian safety & transportation, sustainable design & disaster resilience, and innovative construction materials.

Department has been engaged in various research project works funded by renowned Central and State Government agencies and NGOs such as ISRO, KSCST, BBMP, Bangalore Environment Trust, Art of Living, etc. The R & D activities involve students’ participation at all phases to ignite inquisitiveness and research aptitude. This has helped our alumni join higher studies at premier institutes across the borders. This has also helped them mould their personality to become thorough professionals.

Focus Areas of Research

Research Facilities

The state-of-the-art facilities available in the department laboratories, such as servo-controlled Loading frame (200-tonne capacity), servo-controlled UTM (2000kN capacity), servo-controlled shake table, traffic surveillance cameras, water quality analyzer, and air particulate matter analyzer etc., provide a platform for a creative research environment.

Research Grants

The faculty in the department is actively engaged in the research and performs quality research projects which have been funded by Ministry of Earth Science, ISRO, VGST, VTU, KSCST etc. This provides a learning platform for students to build a strong foundation of knowledge and mold them as budding research scholars.

Funding Agency Title of the Project Fund Principal Investigator Year
Ministry of Earth Science Impact of climate change on river
mouth dynamics and coastal hazard
Rs. 22 Lakh Dr. Shalini G 2021*
VGST Development of affordable solutions
via synergistic means for defluoridation and
decontamination of potable water for rural households
Rs. 5 Lakh Ms. Khushbu K Birawat 2019-20
ISRO Respond A geospatial approach for sustainable water
resources management – A case study of Bengaluru
Rs. 39.71 Lakh Dr.C.V. Srinivasa,
Dr. Mayaja N A,
Ms. Khushbu K Birawat
VTU, Belagavi Watershed Management studies for flood
fording and risk appraisal - Case study of Bennihalla subbasin
Rs. 10 Lakhs Dr.C.V. Srinivasa 2013-14
Sediment sink and sediment movement
around the Mulki-Pavanje river mouth, Central
West Coast of India- Implications on Siltation and river mouth Dynamics
Rs. 8.75 Lakhs Dr. Shalini G 2011-12
KSCST [Students Funded Projects] Water Management Alternatives for Vulnerable Urban Watershed Rs. 3000 Dr. Mayaja N A Khushbu K Birawat 2019-20
Measuring the Accessibility of First and
Last Leg of Mass Rapid Transit System
Rs. 5500 Reashma P S 2018-19
Energy Efficient Smart Bin for Urban
Solid Waste Management
Rs. 6000 Khushbu K Birawat 2017 -18
Performance Assessment of Newfangled
Pedestrian Infrastructure in Bangalore
Rs. 5500 Reashma P S 2016-17
Treatment of Distillery Spent Wash
Using Anaerobic Down Flow Fixed Film Reactor
Rs. 5000 Shewtha A Harishitha D 2016-17
Remedial Measures for Minimizing Effects
of Pharmaceutical Outlets on Groundwater in
Jigni Industrial Area
Rs. 5000 B N Suma 2015-16
Assessment of strength characteristics of
Eco concrete with Binary and ternary
Cementitious materials and Pond ash as Fine Aggregate
Rs. 7000 Dr. Bharathi Ganesh 2014-15
Experimental Investigation on Strength
of concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement
Using Industrial waste by Products at Elevated Temperature
Rs. 6000 Smt. Varsha Gokak 2014-15
Validation and Demonstration Model
For Dynamics of Multi storey frames.
Rs. 6000 Smt. Archana S Jawalgi 2013-14
Location Identification for
Water Conservation and Quality
Rs. 4000 Dr.C.V. Srinivasa & BN. Suma 2013-14
Design and Economical Performance
of Gray Water Treatment Unit
Rs. 5500 Smt. Sai Darshan T. R 2011-2012
Characterization of Pond ash
from RTPS and assessment of its
properties for sustainable concrete
when used as fine aggregate
Rs. 6000 Bharathi Ganesh 2011-2012

Research Publications

Most of the research works are presented in technical conferences and are published in peer journals. Few of our research works have received appreciation and recognition.

Authors Names Title of the paper Name of the Journal Volume Year
N.A. Mayaja;
C.V. Srinivasa
GIS-based impact analysis of
revitalization of dried rivulets in
Pampa River Basin, Kerala, India
International Journal of Hydrology
Science and
Vol.11 No.1
PP 38-53
Srinivasa C.V Impact of Rainfall on Land Use
and Land Cover Analysis.
Lecture Notes in
Civil Engineering,
Springer, Singapore.
Vol. 9 2021
Birawat, K. K Impact of urbanization on lakes—a study of Bengaluru lakes
through water quality index (WQI)
and overall index of pollution
Monitoring and
193(7) 408 2021
K S Shiva Kumar Waste-polymer incorporated
concrete mixes for neutron and
gamma radiation shielding
Progress in Nuclear
Energy, Elsevier
Volume 135 May 2021
Shalini.G Granulometric dynamics of the
coastal sediments of the Central
West coast of India: Insight into
morpho-tectonic influences on the
beach processes
CETENA Volume 204, 2021
Assessment of Evolution of
Diverging Spits across the
Tropical River Mouths, Central
West Coast of India
International Research in
Geography and Earth
Published by International
Publisher, London.
July 2020, Print ISBN
978-93-90768, eBook ISBN
Khushbu.K.Birawat Building excellence in HE is
through enhanced
teaching-Learning Platforms.
International Journal of Advance
and Innovative
Dr.Santhosh Murnal Seismic performance of buried
pipelines under different soil
The Institution of
Engineers (India)
December (2018)
689-698 Springer
Reashma P S Development of unmodified
Binder specifications for India.
Springer International
Volume 3-17 2017
Dr.Shalini.G Potentials of Rare earth and
other placer mineral
occurrence along the northern
Karnataka coast India.
Indian Journal of Geo-marine
Dr.Savithrikaranth Shear and impact strength of waste plastic fibre reinforced
Advances in
Volume 5(2)
Dr.Srinivasa.C.V Land use and Land cover
Changes and their Impacts in
pampa river basin in kerala : A
Remote sensing Based Analysis
Journal of
Volume 11(1)
Dr.Srinivasa.C.V A time Series analysis of Spatial
and temporal distribution of
rain fall at pampa river basin
Journal of
Volume 11(1)
Dr.Mayaja.N.A Land use and Land cover
Changes and their Impacts in
pampa river basin in kerala : A
Remote sensing Based Analysis
Journal of
Volume 11(1)
BN.Suma Location Identification for
water conservation and quality
Elsevier Aquatic procedia
Dr.Srinivasa.C Location Identification for
water conservation and quality
Elsevier Aquatic procedia
Dr.Santhosh Murnal Stress-strain behaviour of
reactive powder concrete
Journal of structural
Engineering (SERC)
Volume 42(6)
Dr.Santhosh Murnal Quantification of Hydration
products in powder Concrete
Indian Concrete
Volume 89
Dr.Shalini.G Evolution of Diverging spits
across the tropical river
mouths, central west coast of
Journal of Coastal
Zone Management

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