Department of Science and Humanities has been effectively functioning since 2001. The Department is unstintingly committed to its basic principles of imparting knowledge and preparing the students towards achieving academic excellence through acquisition of core competence in science and humanities and be successful as engineering professionals. Department of Science and Humanities encompasses Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and foreign language courses being offered to all engineering students.

Apart from offering mandatory foundation courses in basic sciences, it also offers courses in English and other foreign languages to enrich communication skills and enhance their employability. The teaching methodology for the courses and laboratory curriculum is regularly upgraded and aligned to meet to the growing demands and the challenging trends of the modern-day industry and research.

Science laboratories possess excellent facilities, with a comprehensive range of equipment to explore the modern techniques in physics and chemistry for the students to perform experiments during their course of study. Further, for experiential learning the department strongly promotes online virtual laboratories that are available as open course ware in public domain.



To be an education provider in science and humanities with emphasis on excellence in academic and research for the benefit of society.



Impart produce students with a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the theory and practice of Basic Science with the help of Industry collaboration .

Provide students with linguistic competence in chosen language and improve communication skills for personal and professional purpose.

Develop intellectual atmosphere in science and humanities for professional development.

To inculcate human values and professional ethics among students for building healthier society.

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